Staffing solutions for businesses serving the federal government

Twenty Bridge advises on cost-saving staffing strategies, supports proposal development, and staffs contract work.

Identify the right opportunities to lower staffing costs

Learn what kinds of wrap rates are possible in today’s staff augmentation marketplace. Get advice on the process and timeframe for recruiting the staff you want.

Get the rates you need to win the contract

Reduce your blended rate by adding the right number of people through Twenty Bridge. Hire a Customer Support/Help Desk Specialist for ~$35/hour or a Mid-Level Java Developer for ~$80/hour.

Access our experts when you need them

Secure 24/7 access to an expert able to share insights and strategies that will help you meet staffing needs and win the contract. This is at no additional cost.

Team with Twenty Bridge and write a better proposal

Work with our experienced government proposal team in order to develop a winning staffing solution.

Meet Data Reporting Requirements

Ensure you meet Department of Labor rules to monitor responses and compile data.

Stay confident in your ability to execute

We have achieved exceptional results in federal government contracting. In every engagement, we seek to understand and match candidates to your unique culture. Our staffing consultants also have the highest technical staffing certifications in the industry.

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Learn how Twenty Bridge can help you to reduce costs and win the contract.
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